Fallen Loved Ones’ is a request, from me, reaching out to ask you to provide a photograph and personal details of a ‘Loved One’ lost in war. Your ‘Loved One’s’ pictures and details would be included, along with those of my father Eric, in my up coming show THE WALL, as an act of remembrance. The ‘Fallen Loved One’ does not have to have been a soldier. Civilian deaths are equally, if not more, harrowing.

I make this request to you in light of my belief that many of these tragic losses of life are avoidable. I feel empathy with the families of all the victims and anger at ‘THE POWERS THAT BE’, who are responsible, in equal measure. Please join me in honouring our dead and protesting their loss.

Roger Waters

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HUMANS need the protection of THE RULE OF LAW. The trick would be for US to agree upon what THE LAW should be NOW, (something WE have been working on for a few hundred years), but also to agree that as WE develop OUR understanding of both OURSELVES and OUR surroundings, WE will have insights and may need to modify THE LAWS that govern US. THE LAW should not be written in STONE. Please take note all followers of MOSES and other dead prophets.

Which leads me neatly to my next point.

In my view.

RELIGION provides A WALL between US and the reality of OUR lives.


There is a WALL between:




It is A WALL of FEAR and GREED

There is enough of everything in THE WORLD for us all to have enough to eat, to be warm and dry and to have a colour TV and a car. WE are taught to FEAR that if WE share what WE have with THEM, WE won’t have anything left for US.

WE also FEAR that THEY may try to take what WE have away from US, so WE spend WAY more than THEY would need to feed, house, clothe, and EDUCATE THEMSELVES, on weapons to prevent THEM from taking what WE have away from US.

There is another WALL between US and the reality of OUR lives.

This WALL is called THE MEDIA. This WALL is a tool that is used to divert US from inconvenient truths.

Perhaps I should stop now, before I alienate anybody.

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